We are full cycle cooperation aimed to provide power grids with our smarter technologies. A3 group brings together companies experienced in research, development, manufacture and shipping of top-class solutions for energy industry. Our research is based on the best energy institutes knowledge. We have 25 years’ experience in developing innovative technologies for next generation solutions. We always look to the future!

Our solutions help to increase resource companies’ power grids reliability where every minute of equipment downtime bears considerable losses. We have already implemented our systems in the oil, gas and gold mining companies. Modern resource processing enterprises, for example, steel factories and refineries with its own power grids, also use our equipment for transformer substations and cable lines monitoring.

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A new version of the monitoring and control system for overhead and underground   electric networks has been released - KOMOR...

A3 Group in Hannover

The "Hannover Messe 2018" exhibition became the biggest event in the field of industrial automation. We presented our develop...

Hannover Messe 2018

We  are  very  pleased  to  invite  you  to  "Hannover Messe 2018" -  the  largest  industrial  energy  exhibition  in  Europ...

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