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Our Group consists of three companies, which are developing and deploying smart grid diagnostics for automation systems. This cooperation provides you with simple solutions in power system reliability enhancement.

ANTRAKS has extensive experience in the energy sector covering design, construction, manufacturing, installation and service. Working in close cooperation with customer, our engineers provide optimal solutions that satisfy the requirements of power generation and distribution organizations.

Antraks R&D&M Co

Worldwide distribution is supported by a highly qualified sales force and trade agents. There are own research and development department, SMD assembly lines, testing and measuring equipment, mechanical production facility and other manufacturing lines.

Our products meet the highest quality requirements. The devices have European quality certificates and are tested for steady work in difficult conditions in Russian and Swiss laboratories.

ANTRAKS provides integrated monitoring systems for overhead lines and underground power cables which are user friendly and include various application modules. These solutions greatly simplify a control engineer’s work. Our devices operate in networks with isolated, compensated and solidly-grounded neutral.

Antraks R&D&M Co

For reliable operation of power substations equipment we provide OLTC Position Monitors and OLTC Controllers. Our devices can work together with the extremely large range of OnLoad Tap Changers and can be used anywhere. Using our devices, you can get position information and control OLTC electrical drives under automatic regulation of the power transformers transformation ratio.

Our solutions help to increase the reliability of resource companies power grids where every minute of equipment downtime bears considerable losses. We have implemented our systems in various oil, gas and gold mining companies. Modern resource processing enterprises, such as steel factories and refineries with their own power grids, also use our equipment for transformer substations and cable lines monitoring.

ANTRAKS strategy is to develop and implement technologies of the future to make your energy as reliable and effective as possible.


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