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Grow your business together with  ANTRAKS!

ANTRAKS R&D&M Co. is a Research and Development company, which develops and implements next generation grid diagnostics and automation systems.

Our specialization:

  • Fault indicators for overhead and underground of medium voltage power distribution networks;
  • Fault indicators for overhead of high voltage power distribution network;
  • Outage monitoring and management systems for Overhead and Cable networks with various types of architecture;
  • Devices for monitoring and control of substations power equipment;
  • Development of high-voltage transformers control systems;


We participate in development of wide range of devices for power systems that are currently installed in 26 countries. Our products are exclusive, in some ways unique. Demand for the products is steadily growing.

 We invite to cooperation dealers all over the world. Let’s make a profitable, reliable business together.

 We offer the best conditions of cooperation:

  • distributor prices for all products with special discount system;
  • a vast and continually developing product range
  • flexibility to adapt products to specific market or customer needs
  • full range of materials about products (advertising and technical documentation);
  • first class engineering and technical support
  • extensive training as required (on-line or factory-based)


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