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Monday, 14 May 2018 09:29


A new version of the monitoring and control system for overhead and underground   electric networks has been released - KOMORSAN 2.0.

The updated platform uses modern containerization technologies and the best DBMS. The additional functionality is quickly integrated due to its modular construction.The software update system from the KOMORSAN 1.x to the new version is simplified as much as possible.

KOMORSAN 2.0 is convenient for deployment in cluster and cloud systems. The key difference of the new KOMORSAN Web-client is the simplest setting of the monitoring page for individual users' needs. The system allows you to insert the most important "blocks" to the main page or use already prepared configurations. A flexible mechanism for user management allows SCADA engineer to easily configure workspaces to the needs of a particular district electric network.

The new system has already received orders from major Russian energy companies, such as  SUEK Group.

Write us, and we will help you to choose the optimal system configuration.

If you are already using the KOMORSAN, we will help you simply and comfortably upgrade to the new version.

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