We on CIRED-2018
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Saturday, 23 June 2018 18:15

We on CIRED-2018

A major scientific event in the field of energy was held in Ljubljana from June 7 - 8 - CIRED-2018. It is a seminar on the issues of distribution power systems. This year the event was dedicated to "Microenergy system and territorial organization of the energy sector". Representatives of A3 group made a stand report "Monitoring and management in air and cable networks with different types of architecture."

The main theme of the seminar was the transition to distributed generation in places of consumption and options for creating a network of active consumers. To transform the traditional architecture of the distribution network in a similar cellular structure of "Internet energy" it is necessary to change the classical control system using modern digital technologies that are now being implemented in Russia.

CIRED seminars are held once in 2 years between main CIRED conferences and we want to believe that next time not only project of A3 group will overcome the initial selection and will present an innovative solutions from Russia. Next major international event for A3 group will be the CIGRE in Paris, where the focus will be on problems of high-voltage networks.

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