CIRED 2019
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Friday, 07 June 2019 08:56

CIRED 2019

This week the 25th International Conference CIRED was held in Madrid. It was the key event in the world of distributed electric power industry .

This event surprised with an unusually narrow focus towards dealing with issues that lie in the field of distribution networks of low and medium voltage class. The conference impressed with the depth of research and conclusions, the willingness to combine the capabilities of distribution networks and the problems of small generation facilities, transport, factories and megalopolises.  At CIRED round tables were discussed in detail the possibilities of all types of neutral earthing and statistics of their use in different countries of the world during the last decade.

The number of reports in ten years has grown from 1072 to 1732, and the number of experts from 1084 to 1517. There were 6 main sessions, 15 round tables, 5 scientific and innovation forums and 670 poster presentations.  Russia at the CIRED event was represented by RTSoft, Prosoft and A3 Group company. Our company was pleased to present our work with BESK on the modernization of the power system of the city of Ufa, where using the instruments localizing the emergency in cable networks and the system analyzing the behavior of the feeder using Big Data methodology, we managed to optimize the main reliability factors of the power system.

On the last day of the conference, we can already say with confidence that the 25th CIRED Conference has become the important event of this year.

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