Innovative energy solutions at SABIC-2020
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Wednesday, 11 March 2020 12:52

Innovative energy solutions at SABIC-2020

ANTRAKS took part in the SABIC-2020 technical conference which was held in Saudi Arabia from on February 17-20.

Annual exhibition and conference SABIC is a platform for demonstration of modern technologies and innovations by Middle East resource companies. Scientists, chemists, engineers and technical experts from all over the world used a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, methods and effective solutions to improve the quality of their manufacturing facilities.

Despite the fact that the main focus of the exhibition was the chemical industry, the exhibition and conference were attended by companies from related industries, in particular from the energy sector. In total about 400 companies from 35 countries have participated.

R&D&M Co. ANTRAKS presented its latest developments in the field of electrical energy which are widely in demand in Russia and abroad: equipment for monitoring of air and cable grids and determining the location of fault on air lines. Leading engineer of the company Maxim Bokov, representing ANTRAKS at the exhibition, said: "By interacting with international companies and offering our solutions, we create a global culture of innovation. ANTRAKS is happy to be part of this large-scale process!»

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