Digitalization of Voronezh’s grid
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Thursday, 25 June 2020 13:16

Digitalization of Voronezh’s grid

Implementation of the system of controlled disconnectors on Voronezh’s grid became an important step on the digitization’s way of the “Rosseti Centre’s” southernmost branch.

Last week, our employees checked the level of connection at the installation sites of 18 disconnectors located in Novousmansky and Ramonsky districts. Unfortunately, even at such a short distance of 500 kilometers from the capital of our country, the level of coverage by mobile operators leaves much to be desired.“Because of unstable connection in many places disconnectors have to switch to the backup SIM card when the connection level drops on the main SIM card” – said ANTRAKS’S engineer Timur Ivlev. ANTRAKS’S certified specialists have added two mobile signal amplifiers to the Diconnecors and Communication box devices. Voronezh region’s residents already feel positive changes from the installation of controlled disconnectors. The number of disconnected users during the incident on the line has become lower and problem areas are now immediately displayed in the dispatch center.


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