Our solutions installed in the Saudi Aramco
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Monday, 20 July 2020 13:33

Our solutions installed in the Saudi Aramco

The Saudi Aramco — oil company, which has the world’s largest oil production and oil reserves, completed mounting of more than 200 devices fault-indicators of the emergency process Lodestar CL0.5 and information transmission units of the LightBox LS2-OB-G3. Now, all devices already logged in to the KOMORSAN’s monitoring system and started to transmit current values from the line. Technologies, which used in the development and production of equipment, allow devices to be used at abnormally low and extremely high temperatures, as well as at any intensity of solar radiation. The installation was carried out in conditions of terrible heat of 43 degrees and sudden wind shears. Despite such weather conditions devices had been successfully installed on power lines without disconnections. ‘Saudi Aramco has world fame for its innovative technical solutions, so we are very proud of partnership with our colleagues from Saudi Arabia. Literally, ‘used in Saudi Aramco’ — this is a quality mark for entire Middle East’ said Maxim Bokov, the department of foreign economic activity’s specialist.

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