ANTRAKS is expanding the range
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Tuesday, 11 August 2020 11:41

ANTRAKS is expanding the range

Demand from foreign customers has motivated ANTRAKS Group to significantly expand its range of products for fault detection in the cable power lines adding there both economical and complex solutions.

To solve specific tasks in the power grids there are:

  • Lodestar PT2 for detection of phase-to-ground faults.
  • Lodestar PT3 for phase-to-ground fault (especially actual for resistive and solid-grounded neutral).

To collect grid parameters and solve the most challenging tasks we have refined Feeder Monitor Lodestar FM-CS designing:

  • Lodestar FM-CS2 that allows monitoring the switchgear cells with double cable input and ensure the possibility to monitor each input independently. First users of this device, power engineers of Bashkir power grid company, have highlighted highest accuracy of selective detection of any fault.
  • Lodestar FM-FL locates a faulty section on line with an accuracy of ±150 m. Lodestar FM-FL devices are installed on the monitored feeder on the both sides of power line. It operates together with hardware and software complex detecting and displaying a fault’s location on a geographical map and a mnemonic diagram.
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