Our solutions for mine and extraction plants
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Thursday, 13 August 2020 13:42

Our solutions for mine and extraction plants

Mining and extraction plants seem like magnificent complexes that combine extraction and mineral processing operations. Multi-profile industrial giants of this kind especially need a stable power supply for their reliable operation.

 Our specialists held the chief-installation of equipment in the largest mining enterprises Lebedinsky and Stoilenskoye. They have installed fault indicators for overhead lines and feeder monitors for underground cables monitoring. ANTRAKS technical support engineer Alexander Gerasimov demonstrated the possibility to control monitoring devices by smart phone. Also he has assigned to each device an item name in order to receive on-time notification by sms. The chief engineer of the Lebedinsky’s minery outlined the importance of monitoring for overhead lines, because previously any fault leads to downtime of excavators and transportation machines of the entire factory.






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