JSC Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers
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Wednesday, 16 September 2020 07:08

JSC Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers

The cooperation of GC Antraks with JSC Voskresensk Mineral Fertilizers, one of the largest domestic enterprises producing phosphorus fertilizers, feed additives, phosphoric and sulfuric acids, is developing effectively.

As a city-forming enterprise, this complex provides electricity not only for itself, but also for the most of the Voskresensk city, including 25 distribution substations and 125 rower centers in its infrastructure.

In order to understand exactly which section of the chain an emergency occurred, the company installed a batch of analog signal feeder monitors.

The Russian mineral fertilizers production is the largest sub-sector of the chemical industry, which actively exports Russian goods abroad. Cooperation with one of the largest companies in this area opens the door for GC ANTRAKS to another potential area of the domestic industry, where our solutions are in high demand.

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