Lodestar FM line passed European certification
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Wednesday, 03 February 2021 06:30

Lodestar FM line passed European certification

According to the results of the tests, the equipment of the ANTRAKS Group of Companies: Lodestar FM, Lodestar FM CS and Lodestar FM FL have received the European certificate of conformity for quality and safety, which confirms that the company's products fully comply with EU Directives and EU technical regulations.

The certificate of European conformity opens up broad prospects for the company's equipment and provides free access to the Lodestar FM line of devices on the European market.

Lodestar FM power grid monitors are universal devices for recording and analyzing emergency processes, combining the functions of selective detection of line damage in grids of any topology with any type of neutral and measuring the main electricity parameters.

More information about the Lodestar FM FL line here

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