Lodestar FM secures power lines
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Tuesday, 08 June 2021 14:00

Lodestar FM secures power lines

The Lodestar FM line of devices record any types of faults on cable and overhead lines, which allows you to detect and quickly restore the damaged area.

There are no analogues of the Lodestar FM line of devices for medium-voltage grids on the world market yet.

The products of the ANTRAKS Group company are in demand not only in many areas of the electric power industry, but also among industrial, oil-producing, transport and other companies.

The Lodestar FM line of devices has a positive experience of operation in JSC "BESK" from 2019, and since 2020  Lodestar FM is used in branches: JSC "IDGC of Urals", PJSC "Rosseti Moscow Region", JSC "Grid Company", in the companies: JSC "UEC", JSC "VMF", LLC "Evrazenergotrans".

For the first time, the system of Lodestar FM-FL devices was proposed to be used in the grids of railway systems. The system is designed to detect the fact and accurately determine the location of fault to interphase short circuits (PtP), single-phase earth faults (PtG) on the overhead and cable lines of distribution grids.

Despite the fact that the company's electrical grid is markedly different from the usual distribution grid, Lodestar FM-FL has shown an unprecedented accuracy of fault detection according to the results of tests in the branch of railway system.

The equipment of the ANTRAKS Group not only quickly detects fault with high data accuracy, but also constantly monitors the state of the grid, which in turn prevents emergency processes and ensures the safe operation of the electrical grid.

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