KOMORSAN 2.5: Extended Software Update
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Wednesday, 03 August 2022 11:25

KOMORSAN 2.5: Extended Software Update

ANTRAKS Company is very glad to introduce KOMORSAN extended software update. This is a modern multilevel hardware and software complex system. The main feature of our product is to provide observability to each transformer and distribution substation of the grid. Moreover, KOMORSAN 2.5 guarantees monitoring the nodal points of the overhead electric lines.

In an updated version of the ANTRAKS engineered system, we developed the interface and made it more comfortable due to the needs of our customers.

Now the users of KOMORSAN 2.5 has access to full information of the purchased devices:

  • Settings,
  • Instructions,
  • Events,
  • Sessions,
  • Analytic data.


There is an opportunity for detailed viewing accidents, etc.

To learn more about KOMORSAN 2.5 use a demo-base on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For update issues of already installed software you can contact ANTRAKS Company specialists.

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