Fault indicators for high-voltage overhead lines (conductor mounted)
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Special models of fault indicators for High voltage lines has high designed high noise immunity. Lodestar CL HV has only with visual indication. It is convenient to locate it in a well-viewed area, for example, at the entrance of overhead lines in a substation.

Lodestar CL HVDD detects a faulty event on overhead lines and determines the direction of emergency currents, which shows the maintenance team where the faulty section is located. It is very convenient for use on the border of different energy systems, state borders and before natural barriers (water etc.). It transfers all line parameters via GSM communication directly to the SCADA system, and sends event notifications via SMS and email to the maintenance team’s smartphones. This will help you quickly find the place of damage in hard-to-reach areas.

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Fault indicators for high-voltage overhead lines (conductor mounted)

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