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A3 provides development and production of intelligent systems for power engineering based on advanced electronic components. Our engineers are always ready to create flexible systems and generate top-solutions to satisfy our Customers’ demand. Our devices can be customized, easily modified and adapted to any power system. Meet some our universal solutions for power system securing.



Lodestar CL25B
Lodestar CL2
Lodestar CL0.5

A3 engineers developed an integrated solution for overhead and underground lines — the distribution network monitoring system KOMORSAN. An integrated system - "KOMORSAN" is designed to promptly locate faulty sections and to transmit the corresponding data to dispatching points. The KOMORSAN system improves reliability, productivity (cost) and efficiency of distribution networking.

Key faetures of the KOMORSAN system:

  • configuration and control of monitoring devices;
  • remote data access via client or portable device;
  • effortless implementation and management;
  • simple configuration;
  • IT resources cost efficiency;
  • overall cost efficiency;
  • notification of service crews via email and SMS messaging;
  • integration to SCADA;
  • large variety of communication protocols support;
  • cross-platform;
  • network topology mapping;

A3 suggests a wide variety of the device models to build up the System. The KOMORSAN system can be implemented at any type of facility with any type of network topology.


OLTC Controllers UP 100 and UP 200
Monitor UP 25
Tap sensor DP-3
Tap sensor DP-4
Tap Sensor DP-5

In order to provide a reliable protection while operating with measuring circuits, signaling, control, crew safety maintenance A3 company offers technical solutions for relay protection and automation. Voltage in the network under various operating conditions must be thoroughly regulated. The voltage regulators in our UP range provide measurement, control and regulation functions for this. They can handle simple regulation tasks as well as the complex requirements of modern protection and regulation devices.

A3 UP Monitors family contains a number of devices, form the very simple models suitable for solving particular problems to the complex multifunctional devices that can be employed anywhere. Using our devices one can receive position information from any type of OLTC and transmit it via digital or analog outputs.

The OLTC developed by A3 has specific functionalities :

  • parallel operation mode to two transformers;
  • on-load tap changer monitoring;
  • parallel transformer bank operation of single-phase transformers;
  • cross-monitoring;
  • multiple enhancements of reliability of OLTC electrical drive of an operation control;
  • additional settings adjustments including emergency diagnosis settings;
  • space efficiency of the control switchboard;

Continuous monitoring of the on-load tap-changer's operating and status conditions is essential to ensure and optimize transformer availability. We provide solutions for recording, monitoring and logging all relevant on-load tap-changer parameters to optimize the times and scopes of the service. 


Businesses today are faced with the challenge of maintaining their network to allow for consistent availability and productivity. Therefore A3 developed and produced devices for remote monitoring and control of low, medium and high voltage classes networks, which help to reduce network maintenance costs and prevent unplanned outages:

  • for 6-10-20-35 kV underground cable lines; A-signal;
  • for 6-35-110 kV overhead lines; Lodestar Cl25, Lodestar CL25B, Lodestar Cl2, Lodestar Cl2B, Lodestar Cl0.5, Lodestar CL0.5B;
  • for substaions 110-700 kV; OLTC Controllers UP 100 and UP 200,UP OLTC Monitors, Transformer tap sensors DP;

We have developed several ways to attain control over the grid outages by a more effective and targeted coordination of the maintenance team. The ability to obtain as prompt and precise information as possible about the current state of the grid is a basic prerequisite for improving this coordination in case of a fault. The communication units are a robust pole mountable solution that works together with the Lodestar. Together they provide detailed information about fault events and actual state of distribution and sub-transmission of overhead lines.

For remote data transmission from fault indicators to data acquisition server A3 designed communication units LightBox and SmartBox.  


Stop losing time. Avoid downtime and outages - save your money. Distribution network parameters visible on one screen. Compact and feature-rich A-Signal is an excellent building block for a reliable and effective smart gird. High accuracy and unique algorithms enhance the ability to locate earth faults in various types of underground, overhead and mixed networks. There is no need in specifying a type of a network grounding or selecting residual current thresholds.

A-signal functionalities:

  • Directional short circuit and ground fault location;
  • Location of Phase to Ground faults in networks with isolated neutral and resonant earthed neutral;
  • Events journal and waveform memory;
  • High accuracy measurements;
  • GPS time sync;
  • Phasor measurement;
  • Reduction of the search time of a damaged section up to 90%.



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