ANTRAKS on the Rosseti's territory
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Friday, 09 October 2020 08:10

ANTRAKS on the Rosseti's territory

At the international Microelectronics forum held in Yalta, ANTRAKS’s solutions became a Central part of the Rosseti exhibition. Pavel Levinsky, General Director of PJSC Rosseti, and Andrey Mayorov, chief engineer of PJSC Rosseti, got acquainted with the presented complex of risk-oriented management of electricity network’s digital area. Russian electric power industry managers and microelectronics manufacturers were able to independently create an event in the virtual power distribution network, use information from the system to determine the location of the accident, disconnect the damaged section, and restore the normal power supply scheme for consumers after the damage was eliminated on the interactive touch panel. Our complexes also demonstrated the capabilities of predictive analytics, which allows a recording of abnormal network behaviour and classifies the development of accidents at an early stage, without allowing large-scale damage to the power system equipment.

Director of the GC ANTRAKS Andrey Kucheryavenkov, spoke at the PJSC Rosseti's round table on the topic "Prospects for interaction between electric grid companies and radio-electronic industry in the framework of achieving the targets of the energy strategy 2035" with a report on specific actions that are most effective for ensuring economic and sustainable development and independence of the fuel and energy complex. The TASS news agency provided a live broadcast of the round table, and you can watch individual moments of this key event in the recording on our YouTube channel.

TASS News Agency - Rosseti Round table at the Microelectronics 2020 forum -

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