The new model line Lodestar CLxxB Master
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Wednesday, 30 June 2021 07:26

The new model line Lodestar CLxxB Master

New model line Lodestar CLXX Master – effective solution for reliability of your MV grids.

The ANTRAKS Group company represents the latest development, a new product line of fault passage indicators Lodestar CLxx Master. Similarly, with other ANTRAKS fault indicators, Lodestar CLxx Master can determine all type of faults and some models show the fault direction.

The proposed solution does not require auxiliary equipment, which simplifies the usage of devices and their installation. At each point of monitoring of the electrical grid, there is a set of three devices: Lodestar CLxx Master (one device) and Lodestar CLxx Satellite (two devices).

Lodestar CLXX Master is equipped with a short-range radio channel and a GSM data transmission channel, which allows transferring information from the indicators to the customers SCADA.

New solution simplifies identification of fault location at decreased cost that allow faster implementation of Smart grid programs and improvement the performance of SAIDI.

You can learn more about the new product here.

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