ANTRAKS expands the geography of international business
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Monday, 16 August 2021 13:23

ANTRAKS expands the geography of international business

The flagship fault passage indicators (FPIs) will be installed by JEPCO the largest electricity company in Jordan (Amman). FPIs manufactured by ANTRAKS are resistant to high temperatures, have ultra-bright LEDs that visually separate fault section of the line with a visibility up to 500 m. It was a perfect solution for Jordan power grids, where the average temperature reaches 40 degrees. On the client's request, ANTRAKS has installed red ultrabright LEDs instead of regular white. The reliability of the equipment, proven by the years of exploitation and confirmed by numerous references; ease of commissioning and the ability to install FPI on-load without disconnecting consumers from the power line distinguishes ANTRAKS products from competitors. Customer-oriented policy and R&D possibilities allow ANTRAKS reaching clients’ satisfaction.

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