Global discussion about problems of electric power industry
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Thursday, 30 September 2021 06:51

Global discussion about problems of electric power industry

At the CIRED 2021 conference, experts from all over the world discussed the global challenges of the energy industry.

Climate change requires new approaches to the construction of electrical distribution networks. Issue of replacing obsolete and non-ecological energy carriers is even more important. The conference participants identified the key areas of development of the electricity distribution systems: control over the distribution and consumption of electricity and effective management of energy markets.

Andrey Kucheryavenkov, Director of ANTRAKS Group, described the Russian experience of using artificial intelligence in distribution networks at the CIRED 2021 conference. He spoke in detail about advanced developments for the prevention of emergencies using multi-level monitoring devices, telemechanics, as well as drones for the inspection of overhead lines.

"The use of artificial intelligence makes it possible to solve the problems of forecasting, generation and consumption of energy, reduce the impact of the human factor and the risks arising from it, optimize the operation of existing equipment and minimize the need to introduce new, expensive ones," Andrey Kucheryavenkov stressed.

The participants of CIRED 2021 also discussed DC power transmission technologies, prospects for the development of micro-grids. Participants reports’ have also covered the issues of transformation of some types of energy resources into others with involvement of relevant services.

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