Innovations in the world of electric power industry on CIGRE 2021
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Thursday, 02 December 2021 14:32

Innovations in the world of electric power industry on CIGRE 2021

CIGRE Symposium was held in Ljubljana on 21-24 November 2021. Representatives of scientific community from all over the world discussed the most urgent issues of technological development in the electric power industry.

At this significant gathering, Russia was presented by Andrey Kucheryavenkov, director of ANTRAKS group of companies and Alexander Voloshin, head of Relay Protection and Automation of Electrical Power Systems department of National Research University MPEI Alexander Voloshin.

The director of ANTRAKS group of companies Andrey Kucheryavenkov described technical solutions for a detecting faulty section of distribution grid with complex architecture. The speaker suggested an algorithm for determining the location of a faulty site and considered factors influencing the measurement accuracy. The proposed method based on Lodestar FM-FL system was first applied in the power grids of Railway system and has proved its effectiveness. The system has demonstrated unprecedented accuracy in detecting faults in grids with complex architecture.

Participants of the symposium discussed such relevant issues as increasing the capacity of lines, changes in statistical analysis methods of aging and destruction of wires, power lines monitoring via fault indicators of the type Lodestar CL and icing indicators, methods of remote determination of a damaged section of the overhead line.

About the Council:

CIGRE is the world’s leading global professional community in the field of electric power industry, established with the purpose of research coordination, exchange of experience on the functioning of electric power industry. The association unites 98 countries of the world and has more than 16 000 members.

CIGRE’s activity forms a strategic vision for development power grid, which is necessary for the choice of energy policy and is closely connected with the vector of scientific and technological development, which defines key directions of integration processes.

The Russian National Committee ranks high in CIGRE, due to high level of research in the field of electric power industry and ensuring the reliability of the unique Unified Energy System of Russia.

ANTRAKS group of companies annually presents the latest methods and innovative technological solutions to the scientific community CIGRE with the aim of developing the global energy system.

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