500 pcs of Lodestar Fault Indicators for overhead lines to Jordan
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Friday, 14 January 2022 11:37

500 pcs of Lodestar Fault Indicators for overhead lines to Jordan

Fault indicators manufactured by ANTRAKS R&D&M Co. are successfully used at overhead lines in Jordan. The largest power grid company in the country - Jepko, highly appreciated the performance of Russian Fault Indication system in high temperature conditions and placed a new order for 500 devices at the end of 2021.

The full production cycle allows ANTRAKS to manufacture equipment according to all necessary requirements in the shortest terms. According to Jepko requirements, in addition to individual requirements of the Customer, we also installed red lights inside Fault Indicators. The equipment was shipped to Jordan to operate under strict conditions of flaming sun.

All Fault Indicators manufactured by ANTRAKS are resistant to high temperatures, have super-bright LEDs providing visibility of fault detection signal up to 500-meters area. As a result, the customer is fully satisfied with the product and we are happy to announce that our products are suitable for operation in the Middle East power grids with average monthly temperatures reach +40 °C.

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