Failure-free power supply comes to the Philippines in 2022
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Tuesday, 25 January 2022 06:23

Failure-free power supply comes to the Philippines in 2022

One more satisfied customer got his order. One more order of Fault Indicators for Overhead lines series was successfully shipped in the last days of 2021 and it’s supposed to be installed at the leading power supply companies in the Philippines.

Our system of emergency indication of accidents at power supply lines allows Philippine specialists to have a remote control, to adjust settings onto devices and quickly eliminate accidents on the overhead lines. That ingenious solution can ensure the local customers like factories or big manufactures and just ordinary people to get uninterrupted power supply anytime in the Philippines.

The Philippines has a tropical climate with high levels of humidity, mostly mountainous terrain and a high probability of natural disasters, including typhoons and earthquakes too, in The Philippines. In this perspective, the customer had strict requirements for the equipment.

ANTRAKS Fault Indicators have met all of these requirements, they have a high degree of protection IP68 and are fastened securely to the wire. All of these parameters can guarantee a reliable operation of the equipment, despite of any natural features in the region.

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