ANTRAKS - the winner of Digital breakthrough award
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Wednesday, 30 March 2022 09:22

ANTRAKS - the winner of Digital breakthrough award

ANTRAKS won the Digital breakthrough award for «Best digital technology solutions» with a predictive analytics project for overhead and cable power lines.

The results of the annual contest were summed up in an International Forum «Power Grids» (PGIF 2022). Among the 50 projects, that stimulate the development of the power grid complex and the entire energy industry, the ANTRAKS project received a 1st degree Diploma.

The implementation of predictive analysis will allow power companies to prevent disconnection of users, to reduce the duration and volume of disconnections, to reduce technical and economic losses, as well as to save on trips of maintenance crews.

The proposed innovative solution accurately predicts the occurrence of a fault, classifies and determines its type, which significantly improves the quality and reliability of power supply for the end user.

Developments and finished technical products of ANTRAKS Group of companies have high potential for implementation in Russian grid companies and are able to become the basis of the transformation of the entire Russian power grid complex.

About the contest:

Digital breakthrough — breakthrough project contest, aimed at promoting the strategy of digitalization of the electric grid complex. The purpose of the event - the search for unique technologies and solutions and the formation of an innovative industry environment to increase the efficiency of the electric grid complex of Russia.

Contest Digital breakthrough is supported by the Russian Ministry of Energy, the Russian Energy Agency of the Russian Ministry of Energy and leading industry associations.

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