Development of electric transport on a global scale
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Thursday, 16 June 2022 14:12

Development of electric transport on a global scale

On 2nd-3th of June ANTRAKS took part in the international scientific conference CIRED - 2022. The main topic was "Electric vehicles and electrical network". Famous world experts discussed current challenges of planning, developing and handling electric-vehicle charging infrastructure. Also was discussed the problem of integration of electric vehicles into power distribution systems, as well as regulatory issues. And questions of diversity of development paths of electric transport were not left aside.

The presentation of Andrey Kucheryavenkov, CEO of ANTRAKS Company, was focused on the importance of improving the reliability of the supply of charging stations. It could be reached by using the FLISR complex, controlled disconnectors IDD and short-circuit indicators Lodestar CL. This technical solution of ANTRAKS Company with an autonomous power supply allows to avoid a situation when electric vehicles are running out of charge. Automatic control of all switching processes minimizes the impact of the human factor and ensures minimal operating costs for such stations and their external power supply systems.

The announced project is not a future innovation. It is actually an existing solution that can be implemented right now in the electric-vehicle charging infrastructure, because all highlighted components are produced by ANTRAKS Company.

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