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A3 provides an approach for overhead and underground networks monitoring as a user-friendly, WEB-based plug and play solution.

An integrated system of power distribution network diagnostics - "KOMORSAN" is designed to immediate short circuit identification and fault data transmission to dispatching point and targeted customers. The KOMORSAN system improves reliability, productivity and eff iciency of distribution network.


The modular design of the Komorsan system enables customers to tailor the monitoring system meeting their own requirements: to deploy all modules of the Komorsan system, or to integrate data collecting and processing server Komorsan to existing SCADA. Large number of FPIs can be monitored from a single Komorsan's server. All communication links are 100% controled and any problems are notified in the System immediately. The system consists of two key components:

1. KOMORSAN data collecting and proassing server. Lodestar modifications which are equipped with GPRS modules, establish a TCP / IP connection for data exchange. Cable fault locators can transmit data to Komorsan server via Modbus or IEC 60870-5-104 protocols.

2. The Komorsan Web Client software application for monitoring distribution networks provides access to data collected from diagnostic devices which are equipped with communication modules. This software has geolocation tools that enable a user to control power lines with installed monitoring devices. Based on the network topology and fault information from indicators the Komorsan Web Client software application visually demonstrates the information, which provides the operator to easily identify the fault location and its type.

The Komorsan system key beneFIts:

● Сonfigure and control monitoring devices
● Access data remotely via any portable device
● Easy to implement and easy to manage
● Fast device setup
● Simple configuration
● Less maintenance work
● Lower IT resources costs
● Cost-effective
● Immediate and reliable fault localization
● Notifying service crews via email and SMS messaging
● Web browser-based user-friendly interface
● Smart analysis and diagnostic tools
● Integration to SCADA
● Remote firmware upgrades
● Cross-platform
● Guaranteed technical product support 24/7
● Secure access
● Data export
● Network topology mapping

Supported platforms Linux
Database PostgreSQL
Processor Xeon 4C E3-1241v3 (or any similar) х1
Processor type 3.5GHz/1600MHz/8MB
HDD SAS/SATA, 7.2K 6Gbps NL, 2 х 500Gb
Dual Ethernet YES
User access managment YES
Fault notification alarm, SMS and E-mail
Continuous storage of all information retrospective
FI thresholds and settings remotely adjustable
Data export YES
Data exchange with external systems IEC 60870-5-104 protocol
Fault indicators Lodestar CL25B,Lodestar CL2, Lodestar CL2B, Lodestar CL0.5,Lodestar CL0.5B, IKZ-K4,А-signal, IKZ-V21, IKZ-V23