OLTC Controller UP-200
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OLTC Controller UP-200


UP 100/ UP 200 benefits:

• Combination of controller and indicator functions results into:

  • multiple enhancement of reliability of OLTC electrical drive of an operation control;
  • additional adjustment settings emergency diagnosis settings;
  • space saving on the control switchboard.

• OLTC Position Regulators may be connected directly to synchro transmitter, resistive sensors, BCD-sensor, Gray-code sensors, current loop sensors with 4..20 mA (0-5 mA, 0-20 mA) output or digital Modbus output
• The OLTC current tapping step value is displayed on bright LED indicator, this allows Operators to easily read the data on their workstation in any light

Position Controller UP 100 and UP 200 are designed to control OLTC electrical drives under an automatic regulation of power transformers transformation ratio. The device can be used at the 35 – 750 kV substations with a gradually or abruptly varying load.

Special functionalities of UP 200:

  • parallel operation mode to two transformers;
  • on-load tap changer monitoring;
  • parallel transformer bank operation of single-phase transformers;
  • cross-monitoring.