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• Сombined Short Circuit and Earth Faults, identifies type of fault happened.
• High sensitivity: Due to the measuring principle the earth fault indication is suitable for networks with lowimpedance or solidly earthed neutral, detects Earth fault with I=0,5 A
• Remote grid monitoring with KOMORSAN monitorig system or another SCADA system
• Easy to mount and operate – can retrofit solution for the old devices without replacing existing current transformers
• Indicator can work with our own designed sensors or with standard current transformers and voltage transformers
• Fiber optic cables safety technology: transmit the signals from the current transformer to the evaluation unit in the housing
• Records recent accidents data in the internal memory

IKZ-K4 intended to use in a cell of switchgear on overhead and cable power lines with 6-35 kV voltage. It helps to detect direction of fault place and identifies type of a fault. All device parameters such as trip current values, response delay, thresholds, reset timeout, relay configuration and other can be configured with RS-485

interface. IKZ-K4 registers fault data and transmit it to SCADA system. IKZ-K4 has several modifications. Product line contains devices that uses standard current and voltage transformer and devices with own sensors, connected via fiberoptic cables. Both device types manufactured in panel and wall moutned enclosures.