Intelligent disconnector RIM-3
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Intelligent disconnector RIM-3


Intelligent disconnector


  • 6-10kV overhead lines  automation system based on innovative intelligent disconnectors RIM-3 provides operative remote OHL sectionalization
  • Each section of networks  observability due to appliance of fault indicators with functionality of fault location direction detection
  • Data integration in user’s SCADA systems
  • Overhead lines’ nodal points management is provided by equipping distribution networks with remotely-controlled disconnectors
  • Selective determination of all types of faults, including transient emergency processes and Phase to Ground faults with small values of fault currents
  • Fault data transfer to centralized system and prompt faulted section disconnection

The system based on intelligent disconnectors RIM-3 can be applied in networks with any type of neutral grounding. Line energizing/de-energizing is available in automatic mode via dispatcher’s remote control, automated local and manual control. Switching off a line can be done in a dead time.

Disconnector, its drive and control module install on a pole. Random access to high-voltage elements is limited. Fault indicator installs directly on a conductor. Equipment does not require additional mounting parts and easily install on any types of poles, ensuring safe operation.

The design of an automation system based on an intelligent disconnector includes:

  •  outdoor disconnector
  •  automated drive with control module
  •  fault indicator
  • assembly kits
  • transformer

RIM-3 disconnectors implementation - is an easy method for fault location detection, reduction of number of power-disconnected consumers  and power system reliability indexes improvement.