OLTC Position Monitors
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OLTC Position Monitors

UP benefits:

• Wide Range of Products family — one can choose a device that exactly fit to your system or use the same universal modes for different situations.
• Wide range of input types — Synchro transmitter, Current loop output, Resistive sensor, BCD encoder, RS-485
• Wide range of data outputs — RS-232, RS-485, Analog current loop, Relay outputs, Block output signal
• Highly configurable 

UP OLTC Monitors Indicators are world leading devices that can work together with an extremely large range of the On-Load Tap Changers. A3 UP Monitors family contains a number of devices, form very simple models suitable for solving particular problems to complex multifunctional devices that can be employed anywhere. Using our devices one can receive position information from any type of OLTC and transmit it via digital or analog outputs.

Univarsal Monitor UP 25 has all available inputs and outputs integrated in one device. Such “Single-device approach” ensures both indication of transformer step data on a control switchboard and such data transmission to Process Control Systems. The device can be easily set up for different sensor type; even if you change your drive unit it is not necessary to change the indicator. Versatility and availability of different kinds of outputs allow to integrate the device with any PCS.