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Drive position sensor DP-3 is designed to determine actual transformer tap on load. This sensor can be used with PDP-1, PDP-4, MA-1, RNT -13 drives, as well as the other drives that can be completed with synchro transmitters (BD404 or BD1404) or other sensors with the dimensions of BD404/ BD1404 type sensors.

Drive position sensor DP-3 is a metal cylinder with chamfers for installation needs. Overall dimensions and mounting points of DP-3 type sensor are the same as those of BD404 or BD1404 synchro transmitters. Sensor DP-3 is a drive turn angle encoder with signal conversion circuit, it can be installed instead of synchro transmitter.

Sensor DP-3 has different interfaces in order to transmit the drive turn angle. These are: interface RS-485 for the transformer tap data transfer to PCS or to UP 25 OLTC Position Monitors in digital form via MODBUS protocol. Current analog interface "current loop" 4-20A, 0-5mA or 0-20mA is designed for the transformer tap data transfering to UP 25 OLTC Position Monitors or PCS by additional transmitters. Analog interface 0-5V or 0-24V for the transformer tap data transfer to UP 25 or to PCS via additional transmitters. While using this interface sensor DP-3 can function as a resistive sensor of MZ-2, MZ-4, EM1, MR, ED-S drives. In this case the sensor can be used for connecting Siemens and ABB transformer protection and control automatics together with drives PDP-1, PDP-4, MA-1, RNT-13 and other types.