Pole mounted fault indicators Lodestar PL4
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Lodestar PL4

Lodestar PL4
Lodestar PL4
Lodestar PL10

Pole mounted fault indicators

Pole mounted fault indicators Lodestar PL10 and Lodestar PL4 are designed for use in distribution networks 1-36kV. Electromagnetic flag is used for fault indication.

Depending on conductors geometry, different modifications shall be selected.

Lodestar PL10 mounts on a pole about 3-5 meters below conductors. So, it is more universal device suitable for Lodestar PL4 mounts on a pole between the conductors.

Lodestar PL4 benefits:

• Easy to install — pole mounted with a SIP mounting tape;
• Supplied with 7-year battery — no additional connections to a line are required;
• Optional communication possibility: 3G data transmission to the KOMORSAN system.

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