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OHL Fault Indicator Range

Lodestar is an overhead line fault indicator that provide prompt fault localization and determination of faulty section. Lodestar fault indicators range determine the origin of any faults on the line providing 360° visibility. Ultra bright white and red LEDs enable them to locate faulty sections. Lodestar can send information to SCADA-server by 3G/4G.

Product Features of Lodestar overhead Fault Indicators Range:

  • Operating voltage 6kV-70kV;
  • Various modifications for 1 kV to 110 kV line voltage;
  • Works in all types neutral grounding;
  • Works in networks with frequency of 50 or 60Hz;
  • Any type of installation: directly on the conductor or on the pole;
  • Configuration is done via smartphone or KOMORSAN SCADA-system;
  • Shows the faulty phase and types of the faults;
  • High sensitivity. Top model can locate faults from 0.5A;
  • 10-year battery;
  • Simple installation and easy replacement.


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