Lodestar CL4
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Lodestar CL4

Fault Locator Lodestar CL4
Fault Locator Lodestar CL4
Lodestar CL4 set


Lodestar CL4 was designed for fault detection with minimum load current 4A. This is a cost-effective and reliable solution for fixing an emergency process. Lodestar CL4 supports a range of communication options, including 3G or 4G LTE communications for a high speed data transfer. Lodestar CL4 devices operate independently of each other, transmitting information about the processes in each phase.

Lodestar CL4 benefits:

• Minimum fault sensing 4A;
• Identifies temporary and permanent faults;
• Registering and storing fault information such as timestamp, event type and measured values;
• Battery status control and indication.

Technical characteristics

Lodestar model CL25 CL25B CL4 CL2 CL0.5
Operating voltage 6-35 kV
MIN fault sensing 25A 25A 4A 2A 0.5A
Absolute current threshold 100А, 250А,
500А, 1000А
25A to 1000А 20A to 1000А
Differential current threshold 50%, 100%,
25A, 100A,
200A, 500A
25А to 500A
50% to 500%
20А to 500A
50% to 500%
Response time 20 ms 20 ms
Inrush resistance 0 to 200 ms 0 to 200 ms
Fault detected  
Phase to Phase
Single-phase short circuit
Phase to Ground
(from 25 A)

(from 25 A)
Fault phase indication
Fault direction indication
Current withstand 25 kA / 500 ms
Communication No Smartphone via BLE, 3G/4G to SCADA system via Combox
Adjustable reset time 6, 12, 24, 48 hours 1h to 7d
Reset Time, Magnet
Reenergized line
Smartphone with Lodestar App, Time, Combox, Reenergized line
Test Magnet Remote, Magnet, Smartphone with Lodestar App
Battery life 10 years 7 years
Total indicating time >1000 hrs
Temperature -40°C to +75°C


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