Fault indicators for 6-70kV overhead lines (conductor mounted)
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Lodestar is an overhead line fault indicator that provide prompt fault localization and determination of faulty section.Fault indicators of Lodestar CL series is an effective and time-proven solution for fault registration in MV OHL. The model range covers fault sensing requirements of all types of lines with any neutral grounding.


• Detection and differentiation of all types of faults.
• Sensitivity to earth faults 0,5 A.
• Forward/backward direction detection.
• Installation on-load.
• Smart configuration and maintenance.
• Integration to Fault Management Software.

Product Features of Lodestar overhead Fault Indicators Range:

• Operating voltage 6kV-70kV;

• Various modifications for 1 kV to 110 kV line voltage;

• Works in all types neutral grounding;

• Works in networks with frequency of 50 or 60Hz;

• Any type of installation: directly on the conductor or on the pole;

• Configuration is done via smartphone or KOMORSAN SCADA-system;

• Shows the faulty phase and types of the faults;

• High sensitivity. Top model can locate faults from 0.5A;

• 10-year battery;

• Simple installation and easy replacement.


The top model of the fault passage indicator Lodestar CL0.5 determines the direction of the fault's current flow, showing to power engineers which direction to move along the line.

This FPI allows the transmission of currents and oscillograms which help power engineers to restore in detail the events that occurred on the line.

Lodestar CL2 indicators perform synchronous vector voltage measurements in three phases and record all types of faults.

Lodestar CL4 indicators performs independent voltage measurements and differentiate the types of faults by different ways sequence of light indications, showin fault information: stable/transient, PtP/PtG.

On request these FPI models can be equipped with a light indication and a mechanical blinker.

Lodestar CL25B - is a basic model of fault passage indicators, optimal to use when fault currents in the line exceed 20 A.

All models have been successfully tested for a current surge up to 50 kA, so they are guaranteed to withstand a lightning strike near the place where the indicators are installed.

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