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Lodestar CL are overhead line fault indicators or fault passage indicators (FPI) – indicators for determination of damaged section of 6-110 kV lines for installation on each phase of the conductor:

● Record all types of faults: phase-to-ground (PtG), phase-to-phase (PtP);
● Function of current threshold auto-tuning;
● Detect the direction of fault current flow;
● Do not require upgrades of infrastructure equipment;
● Work on lines of any topology and of any type of neutral grounding;
● Allow rapid transfer of emergency information to the control room.

Fault indicators for 6-70kV overhead lines (conductor mounted)

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Fault indicators for high-voltage overhead lines (conductor mounted)

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Pole-mounted fault indicators 6-70kV line

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Communication units

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Installation and configuration

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Fault Management Software

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