Short-Circuit and Earth Fault Indicator Lodestar PT2
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Lodestar PT2


Lodestar PT2 is intended for detection of fault localization in overhead and cable power distribution lines of 6-35 kV.

The indicator can operate in networks with insulated, grounded and resistance-grounded neutral types.

The device is installed on control panel board of switchgear cell / wall-mounted.

Lodestar PT2 benefits:

  • Phase-to-Ground faults detection;
  • Fault indication by switching on ultra-bright LED and mechanical flag;
  • Power supply of the indicator from DC or AC source with voltage of =220V, =110V, or mains supply ~220V;
  • Standby Lithium battery for backup supply of LEDs emergency indication while loss of main power;
  • Changing setpoints via DIP-switch/remotely;
  • Low battery level indication.

Current sensor of Lodestar PT2 is installed on the cable's armor of three phases. Indicator is installed on the control panel in the switchgear and control gear cell.

Lodestar PT2 Technical characteristics

Parameters Values
Types of registered faults phase–to-ground faults
Minimum zero-sequence current for phase-to-ground fault registration 10 A
General description of the Device
Operating voltage 6-35 kV
Indication - Mechanical flag
- Ultra-bright LED
Power supply - an auxiliary services supply with any type of voltage = 220 V, = 110 V or from the mains ~ 220 V
- standby power supply (lithium battery) for fault indication (LEDs blinking time is more than 1200 hours)
Reset - the external command on the dry contacts
- time
- manual button on the Device
- remote
Trigger control - visual
- relay output
Mean time between failures at least 110 000 hours
Additional features changing of setpoints by DIP switch
PtG fault current range 10 ÷ 200 A
PtG fault observation time 60 ÷ 150 ms
Installation On the control panel in the switchgear and control gear cell / Wall-mounted
Sensors sensors based on Rogowski coil
Temperature range standard from -40° С to +75° С
International Protection Marking IP 65
Impact of external climatic factors S4 design group according to the requirements and Moderately Cold Climate design of placement category 3.1 according to IEC 721-2-1, but for operation at ambient air temperature from -40 to +75°C
Impact of mechanical factors M7 design according to IEC 721-3-3-87, design group N2 according to the requirements

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